Thymeleaf speedwell

Common Name:

speedwell, thymeleaf

Scientific Name:

Veronica serpyllifolia






Winter annual broadleaf (dicot) weed. Plant primarily glabrous (without hairs). Lower leaves opposite, with leaves becoming more compact at the apex of the plant; thus leaves appearing alternate. Leaves spatulate in shape with lightly toothed margins. Stems white to green, glabrous. Flowers occurring at apex of plant in leaf axils. Flowers four petal, white with purple streaks. One lower petal reduced in shape with less purple streaking.


Less common of all speedwell species. Often found in shaded moist conditions that have been overseeded with cool-season weeds and mowed low. Flowers similar to Persian and slender speedwell, but thymeleaf flowers are more white. Primarily a glabrous (hairless) plant compared to the heavy pubescence (hairy) appearance of other speedwells.