Malherbology – Another Name for Weed Science

Malherbology – mal = bad, herb = plants, ology = the study of. Malherbology is the study of bad plants, often referred to as weeds. Weeds are evolutionarily unique plant species. Weeds are adapted to human activity and adapt quickly to new management practices. Malherbology is focused on understanding not only how to manage weed species, but also how management changes weed populations and how weeds adapt to the management practices. Through better understanding of weed species, management practices can be more effective for a longer amount of time, creating more sustainable practices.  Sustainability, reducing cost and increasing effectiveness is the ultimate goal. Understanding how humans change the world around as we attempt to control it for our own means can reduce our impact on the planet.

The Malherbologist

Dr. Scott McElroy, PhD Professor Department of Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences Auburn University

Scott McElroy is a Professor in the Department of Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences at Auburn University.  Dr. McElroy currently holds a distinguished Alumni Professorship as selected by the Auburn University Alumni Association. He received his MS from Auburn University and his PhD from the NC State University in Crop Science with a minor in Plant Ecology.   Dr. McElroy now holds a joint appointment at Auburn University with the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station and the College of Agriculture.  His primary research areas are on methods for weed management in turfgrass systems, and physiology and molecular biology of herbicide resistant weed species. He is an associate editor for the Weed Science Society of America Journal, Weed Technology, and also serves as a reviewer for Weed Science, Agronomy Journal, and Pest Management Science, among others.

Current Malherbology Team

Technical Staff

Jim Harris, Field Research Associate

Jinesh Patel, PhD, Lab Research Coordinator

Graduate Students

Claudia Ann Rutland, PhD Student

Bridgette Johnson, Accelerated MS Student

Mikerly Joseph, MS Student

Undergraduate Students

Past Malherbology Team

Eli Russell, MS, May 2021.

Bo Bi, PhD, August, 2021

Suma Basak, PhD, August 2021

Clebson Goncalves, MS, December, 2019

John Peppers, MS, December, 2019

John Petrovsky, MS, May 2019

Hui Zhang, PhD, August 2018

William Head, MS, May 2018

Ray Willet, MAg, May 2017

Philipe Aldahir, PhD, 2019

Shu Chen, PhD, 2015

Ethan Parker, MS, 2014

Caleb Bristow, MS, 2014

Michael Flessner, MS, 2010, PhD, 2014

Jay McCurdy, PhD, 2013

Jared Hoyle, PhD, 2012

Hunter Perry, PhD, 2011

Mark Doroh, MS, 2010

Dustin Lewis, MS, 2009 (University of Tennessee)

Steve Borst, MS, 2008 (University of Tennessee)

Matthew Cutulle, MS, 2008 (University of Tennessee)

Jay McCurdy, MS, 2008 (University of Tennessee)