Persian speedwell

Common Name:

speedwell, Persian

Scientific Name:

Veronica persica






Common winter annual in turfgrass, ornamentals and fallow fields. Stems normally red and pubescent (hairy). Leaves alternate with toothed margins, veins not prominent, hairs pointing to the leaf tip. Infloresence produced on a long stem (peduncle) normally red in color and originated in the leaf axils. Flowers 1 to 2 cm in width. Upper three flower petals purple with deep purple veins. Lower leaf is more white to light purple in color. Seed pod with flower bracts form a V-shape.


Common winter annual weed in dormant turfgrass throughout the southeast. Flowers are larger than other speedwells. Leaf morphology does not change. Red, pubescent stem and flower are distinguishing characteristics. Very similar to slender speedwell. From published reports, slender speedwell does not produce viable seed, while Persian speedwell does.