Ivyleaf speedwell

Common Name:

speedwell, ivyleaf

Scientific Name:

Veronica hederaefolia






Common winter annual weed of turfgrass, landscape beds, and fallow fields. Leaves alternate, pubescent, with palmate venation. Leaves have three primary lobes similar in shape to that of English ivy (Hedera helix). Flowers are white to a light purple. Flowers solitary produced on long stalks (peduncle) in the axils of the alternating leaves. Flowers with four petals and dark purple venation. Seed capsule are heart-shaped, larger than most turfgrass weeds within the speedwell family.


Flowering begins occurring at the onset of spring temperatures. Normally germinates in fall and early winter and remains in vegetative state until spring. Produces copious amounts of heart-shaped pods containing seeds. Can form very dense stands shading out desirable turfgrasses. Commonly founds alone, not in mixed stands with other speedwell species.