Common Name:


Scientific Name:

Lamium amplexicaule






Erect winter annual. Square stem with opposite clasping leaf at nodes. Leaves opposite, oval to ovate in shape with a cordate base and broadly acute leaf tip with netted venation. Lower leaves can be stalked or clasping, but upper leaves are definitely clasping to the stem almost appearing as if leaves are joined encircling the stem. Very distinct purple flowers, small, tubular, occurring in nodes at the apex of the plant. Plant is primarily glabrous which can distinguish it from other mints.


Common winter annual weed in turf. Distinct purple bilaterally symmetrical tubular flower. In the mint family, so similar to other mints such as purple deadnettle and ground ivy. Purple deadnettle has downturned leaves with longer leaf stems (petiole). Ground ivy has a prostrate growth habit and flowers are pinkish and less conspicuous. Often given as a flower on Mother’s Day from 5 year olds who like the purple flower and do not know any better that it is a weed.