Common Name:


Scientific Name:

Eleusine indica




Annual, but can perennial in more tropic climates


Growth habit: Rosette/clump forming annual grass often having a silvery center in the rosette; Stem: Flat, glabrous with the exception of elongated hairs as the leaf sheath approached the collar and inner leaf sheath; Leaf: Sparsely pubescent with a distinct white collar; Collar: Ligule short, membranous to hairy; Inflorescence: A cluster of racemes. One raceme is most commonly set lower that the cluster of proximal racemes. Can vary from 0.5 to two feet in height/length.


Often referred to as silver crabgrass due to its silver-gray central axis. Normally found in areas where root competition from other plants is restricted– compacted soils, rocky soils, graveled areas, etc. Fewer herbicides are available to control postemergently thus placing greater emphasis on controlling using preemergence herbicides or by improving turfgrass/crop growing conditions to reduce goosegrass competition.