Common Name:


Scientific Name:

Imperata cylindrica






Growth habit: Aggressive perennial grass species spreading by stiff rhizomes. Upright growth habit. Height of 2 to 3 feet; Stem: Inflorescence stem rounded, stiff, glabrous. Rhizomes thickened, scaly, and sharp pointed; Leaf: Off-center white mid-rib, stiff leaf hairs that point back toward the base of plant (trying sliding your fingers along the leaf blade), torn/damaged leaves often turn purple at tips.; Collar: Elongated hairs surrounding the collar. Ligule is short and membranous surrounding the stem. ; Inflorescence: A feathery panicle or plume developing in late winter to early spring prior to or corresponding to plant emerging from dormancy. Seed have a broad pappus for wind dispersal adaptation.


Aggressively growing perennial invasive grass. Highly problematic in low management areas and forestry areas. Forms a dense rhizomatous mat that burns with intense heat destroying native and desirable plant species. Considered one of the worst invasive weeds in North America. All pictures provided by Dr. Wilson Faircloth.