Arrowleaf sida

Common Name:

sida, arrowleaf

Scientific Name:

Sida rhombifolia




Annual, perennial with milder winters


Leaves simple, alternate; leaves dentate on upper 2/3 and smooth on lower 1/3. Simple white to yellow flowers with 5 petals (typical Malvaceous type flowers, except smaller). Can easily be mistake with prickly sida and spurred anoda.


Summer annual or perennial weed in crops, landscape, and tall mowed turfgrass areas. In coastal plains of Alabama it can function as a perennial with a very strong rootstock that cannot be easily pulled from the ground. Two characteristics distinguish arrowleaf and prickly sida: First, the length of the peduncle (flower stalk) to petiole (leaf stalk). Arrowleaf has a longer peduncle and short petiole. Prickly has a short peduncle and long petiole. Second, leaf edges. Arrowleaf has lobed teeth on the upper half of the leaf, while prickly has lobed teethed throughout the leaf margins.