Annual bluegrass

Common Name:

bluegrass, annual

Scientific Name:

Poa annua




Annual, possible perennial var. reptans


Growth habit: Light green clump-like to creeping plant; Stem: Flattened glabrous. Entire plant glabrous. Leaf sheath glabrous and folded. ; Leaf: Keel-shaped leaf tip, 0.5 to 1cm wide.; Collar: collar with a white collar band, glabrous. Producing a membranous ligule; Inflorescence: A pyramidal shaped panicle with 6 to 12 branching spiklets.


Annual grass widely distributed throughout the world. In Alabama, primarily exists as an annual in the winter months with flowering occurring from February to May. Forms a clump-like plant, light green in color. Perennial biotype can be dark green and creeping. Can occur in almost any managed turfgrass environment, from golf course putting greens to home lawns.