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Malherbology / mal = bad, herb = plants, ology = the study of.

Malherbology is the study of bad plants, often referred to as weeds. Weeds are evolutionarily unique plant species. Weeds are adapted to human activity and adapt quickly to new management practices.

weeds growing in tall lawn grass outside

Management, Adaptation, & Evolution of Weed Species

Weeds are the most adaptable plant species with populations and species changing to continue to thrive and survive in response to any management practice.

Weed Identification

Images of weeds common throughout the United States and many that are global weed problems. Learn more.

Learn the Biology & Science Behind Weeds

Weeds are not just plants out of place, they are plants that have evolved to tolerate human activity and continue to do so. Learn more.


Understanding How Herbicides Work

Herbicides are the primary mechanism of weed control today. Learn how herbicides work and how they are classified. Learn more.